Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been processed to maintain their fresh appearance for years.


Rising demand for roses ‘that last for years’ in Dubai


DUBAI – While fresh flowers continue to be popular in Dubai, a new breed of roses is quickly making the cut in the market.

The demand for preserved roses in the emirate has been steadily rising in the last few years, with UAE-based florists saying that demand got a big boost after the 2017 film Beauty and the Beast, which featured the reel-life infinite rose.

Preserved roses, which come in an air-tight bell jar or display case, have found their way in the UAE but are still only available in selected shops, such as Petals by Carmille at Al Ghurair Centre in Dubai.

In the UAE, the best sources of preserved flowers are from Holland, although preserved flowers are also shipped from Ecuador, the world’s second largest supplier of fresh flowers. Ecuador’s farms produce $15 million worth of preserved flowers compared to more than $800 million fresh flowers it exports annually.

“Preserved flowers have no doubt found their niche as innovative products,” says Petals by Carmille’s Marycel Molina Roxas, one of the first florists to bring preserved flowers to the UAE market.

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“Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been processed to maintain their fresh appearance for years. It’s almost difficult to tell fresh flowers from preserved ones,” Roxas said.

The roses are picked at peak bloom before they are freeze-dried and then pigmented to give them colour, which can be customized. Additional colours are applied using an airbrush. The technique has been around for decades and is especially popular in Japan.

Once preserved, the roses do not require water or sunlight. If kept away from direct sunlight and humidity, the roses can last up to five years.

One of the most popular item in Petals by Carmille is the three-rose arrangement for Dh230.

“People love it because of its novelty; it looks like fresh cut flowers that require almost no maintenance,” Roxas said.

Preserved flowers are now being used in weddings, as unique gifts, fashion accessories, or as innovative home and interior decoration. ICA/Expat Media


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