At Giardino, Palazzo Versace in Dubai.


Review: Giardino at Palazzo Versace Dubai


DUBAI – We would have never guessed that a lively Friday brunch crowd awaited us at Giardino as we entered the exclusive, luxury hotel Palazzo Versace in Dubai. The excited buzz from the crowd was a stark but welcome contrast to the quiet lobby that greeted us.

“Now this is my kind of brunch,” my dining partner said as a smiling maître d’ led us to our table close to the mouth-watering buffet.

The ambiance

It appeared we were in for a culinary adventure; the jungle motif on the wall that matched the staffs’ shirts a telltale sign of what was to come. I actually found it really cool. A restaurant that pays attention to that kind of detail almost always have the same attitude towards the food they serve, and to my delight, I was right. No wonder the restaurant was buzzing with families, groups and couples, all enjoying the brunch. This is a brunch that pleases the senses. At a corner, a female DJ was spinning toe-tapping beats. People dressed as they pleased, including a man in a beach shirt, khaki shorts and white Gucci shoes. “He’s wearing a Rolex two-tone Submariner,” my dining companion, a luxury watch lover, told me as the man walked past us. Clearly, opulence is effortless here. 5/5

The service

Even though the restaurant was fairly busy during the brunch, there were enough roving staff to quickly take down beverage orders, clear the table, or replace cutlery. Also, orders were quick and we didn’t need to wait too long to get a drink. Waiters also served with a smile, even though one of them dropped a Versace dinner plate on the floor. 4.5/5

The food

I absolutely loved the wide selection at this brunch. Plus, it hit my soft spot for seafood. There was plenty of it! But that isn’t to say there wasn’t enough variety. There was a sizeable cheese section, roasted meats, Asian barbecue, noodles and pasta, different kinds of sushi, fish, salads and desserts that included various cakes, candies, chocolates, sorbet and ice cream. I gravitated towards the grilled lobsters and king prawns, and a long countertop table filled with more prawns, king crab legs, crabs, scampi and oysters. 5/5

The verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Giardino. If you’re a Friday brunch lover in Dubai, this is one spot that you shouldn’t miss. Price starts at Dh390 as of this publication.


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