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Ramadan in UAE 2018: Working hours, free parking timings and all you need to know


DUBAI – With Ramadan just around the corner, announcements have been made regarding working hours, parking timings and other details. Here’s what we know so far. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for updates:

When is Ramadan?

Ramadan in the UAE will start on May 17, according to the UAE Moon Sighting Committee.

What are the working hours during Ramadan?

Federal government employees and ministry employees will work from 9am to 2pm during Ramadan, according to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources. The working hours for the private sector will be shorter by two hours based on each company’s work hours, according to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

What are the school hours during Ramadan?

Students in UAE public schools will have a 5-hour school day.
Kindergarten: 8:30am to 12pm
Cycle 1 (boys): 8am to 12:35pm
Cycle 1 (girls): 9am to 1:35pm
Cycle 2 and secondary (boys): 8am to 1:20pm
Cycle 2 and secondary (girls): 9am to 2:20pm
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Is parking free during Ramadan?

In Abu Dhabi, motorists who park their cars at mosque parking areas to attend Tawareeh prayers in Abu Dhabi will be exempt from paying parking feees.

Paid parking timings are as follows:

Sunday to Wednesday: 9am to 2pm, 9pm to 2:30am

Thursday: 9am to 2pm, 9pm to 12am

Friday: Free parking

Saturday: 9am to 2pm, 9pm to 2:30am

Is the truck ban still in place?

In Abu Dhabi trucks and lorries are banned from plying Abu Dhabi roads from 8am to 10am and from 2pm until 4pm during Ramadan. More on this

What are the Dubai Metro timings during Ramadan?

The Green and Red Lines usually operate from 5:30am to midnight during weekdays, from 10am to 1am on Friday, and from 5:30am to 1am on Saturday. Please watch this space for updates with official timings from the RTA

What do Muslims do during Ramadan?

Ramadan is considered a holy month for Muslims, who spend the month fasting and praying. Observing Ramadan is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Adult Muslims abstain from eating or drinking from dawn to dusk during Ramadan. Those exempt from fasting are sick people, the elderly, pregnant women and children.

Do non-Muslims have to fast during Ramadan?

No, but those who want to fast are encouraged to do so.

When does fasting start?

The fasting period begins before sunrise. But first, Muslims will have a pre-fast meal called suhour before they start with Fajr prayers.

Can non-Muslims eat or drink in public during Ramadan?

Selected malls and restaurants in the UAE have a closed-off section where non-Muslims can eat during Ramadan fasting hours. Outside of these areas, it is not advisable to be seen eating or drinking in public out of respect for Muslims who are fasting.

What other basic etiquette should I show during Ramadan?

Refrain from smoking, dancing or playing music in public, or from wearing inappropriate clothing.  Do not swear.

 When do Muslims break their fast?

Muslims end their fast just after sunset before Maghrib prayers after the ‘Azaan’ (call for prayers). The meal taken to break one’s fast is called iftar.

How do you greet Muslims during Ramadan?

You can greet people with “Ramadan Kareem”, which means “happy Ramadan”.

How long does Ramadan last?

Ramadan is determined by the moon cycle, so it can last for up to 29 or 30 days.

What happens after Ramadan?

Muslims have a three-day celebration called Eid Al Fitr after the last day of Ramadan. It is considered a public holiday period.


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