‘Plastic’ lettuce in UAE? Here’s what Abu Dhabi authority says


DUBAI – Abu Dhabi’s food authority has set the record straight on alleged plastic lettuce sold in local shops following claims from a video that was heavily shared on social media.

The video footage shows a woman washing lettuce leaves in hot water and then peeling off a thin, transparent layer that she claims is plastic.

“The transparent crusts are part of the natural outer layer of the lettuce leaf, which consists mostly of edible natural wax containing multiple sugars,” the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) said.

The “coating” on the lettuce is its epidermal layer and is not plastic.

“The layer is a natural protection that lettuce leaves have in order to protect them from attacking fungi and insects. So there is no truth to the claims in the video,” said ADFCA.

The authority said all types of lettuce in the UAE are suitable for human consumption and should be washed thoroughly. JHQ/Expat Media


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