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How ‘phone thief’ was caught at UAE mall


DUBAI – An Asian cleaner landed in court after he allegedly stole a mobile phone that a customer left behind at a mall in Fujairah.

At the Fujairah Misdeameanour Court, the cleaner admitted that the found the phone in the food court but kept it instead of handing it over to the mall’s security department.

He was caught after the owner of the mobile phone returned to the mall to report that he lost his gadget there.

When staff at the Lost and Found department could not find the lost phone, the victim filed a complaint with Fujairah Police, which launched an investigation into the incident.

During the investigation, police received a tip-off from a technician at a mobile shop regarding the mall cleaner who asked for help to unlock a mobile phone.

Police were able to track the cleaner, who admitted that he found the mobile phone and kept it, allegedly unaware that he was breaking the law.

The trial continues. ICA/Expat Media


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