Imelda Marcos in a scene from the documentary, The Kingmaker.


New Imelda Marcos movie on Philippines ‘historical extravagance’


DUBAI – In a new documentary that releases on November 8, Philippine former first lady Imelda Marcos offers her version of Philippine history and “historical extravagance”.

“They found no skeletons but found only beautiful shoes,” Marcos said in the film The Kingmaker, responding to a point raised about her family’s ill-gotten wealth and her 3,000 pairs of shoes.

The Showtime production offers a window to the mind of the 90-year-old widow of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“Perception is real, and the truth is not,” she said, “So the past is past. There are so many things in the past that we should forget. In fact it’s no longer there.”

The movie is scheduled to release on November 8. The movie opens with Marcos, in the back seat of her car, handing out money to beggars at a Manila slum.

It also features her son, Bongbong Marcos, who is expected to run for president in 2022. The presidency is Bongbong’s “destiny,” Marcos said.

Director Lauran Greenfield described it as political story with “historical extravagance”, adding that the Marcos’ “rewriting of history became the narrative thread of the film”.

In the film, Imelda denied being exiled from the Philippines in 1986, claiming that her family was “kidnapped”. She also described her husband’s martial law regime as the “best Marcos years” that brought Filipinos “sovereignty, freedom, justice, human rights.”


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