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UAE Ministry of Health approves ‘Good Samaritan Law’


DUBAI – The UAE Ministry of Health has approved a new “Good Samaritan” draft law that allows the public to offer aid in medical emergencies without fear of legal consequences.

The Rescuer Protection Law will be sent to the UAE Cabinet for final approval in the next two weeks and will be rolled out as soon as it is approved.

The new law is aimed at ensuring that public “intervention is helpful” in potentially life-threatening situations and help improve people’s survival rates, said Dr. Saleh Fares, head of the emergency medicine division at Emirates Medical Association, which worked with the ministry on the draft law.

“This law represents a reassuring maturity in the emergency care development in the country. So the purpose of this law is to ensure that the intervention is helpful,” Dr. Saleh said.

Saleh believes the law could help save six out of ten people.

Countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Philippines, US and UK have Good Samaritan laws that provide legal protection to people who provide help in emergency situations.

In the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Police has previously said it is an offence to provide assistance without being trained in first aid.

Medics say there is often a reluctance by many in the public to touch someone in need of help for fear of prosecution. GAD/Expat Media


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