A footage showed the man throwing cash into the air.


Man arrested in Dubai for throwing cash in stunt


DUBAI – A man has been arrested by the Dubai Police after posting footage of himself throwing money into the air for a social media stunt.

A video released by the police showed the Asian man tossing a pile of bills in a public area. Police did not disclose the currency of the wad of bills used in the video.

Police said that the man was arrested after an investigation into the incident. According to police, the man admitted that he threw away cash for popularity.

Meanwhile, Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, director of security media at Dubai Police, urged the public to use social media responsibly.

Al Qasim also advised the public to “refrain from behaviour which may contravene the values, cultures and traditions of the UAE”.

The UAE has a very tough anti-cybercrime law to punish those who commit offences against the UAE and public order. Under the UAE law, “hefty fines and jail terms await those who share or publish information, news, statements or rumors for the purpose of ridicule, abuse or harming the reputation, prestige or status of the UAE or any of its establishments, president, rulers of emirates or their crown princes or deputy rulers, the flag of the UAE, the national anthem or the UAE’s symbol, national anthem or its logos.” ICA/Expat Media


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