Francis Matthew, former Gulf News editor.


Jail sentence increased for Dubai editor who killed wife


DUBAI – A former newspaper editor in Dubai has been given a longer jail term after losing his appeal in the case of the premeditated murder of his wife.

Francis Matthew, former Gulf News editor, was sentenced by the Dubai Court of Appeal on Sunday to spend 15 years in jail instead of 10 for murdering his wife.

Matthew, 62, hit his wife on the head with a hammer at their villa in Dubai and in March he was sentenced to jail for “physical assault leading to death”.

He appealed the verdict to get a lighter sentence, pleading temporary insanity. On Sunday, the Dubai Court of Appeal rejected his plea and increased his jail sentence. He will deported after serving his sentence.

According to the court, evidence showed that the Briton intended to kill his wife after they argued about their finances.

Initially, Matthew had told police that thieves broke into their villa in Dubai and attacked his wife while he was at work.

He later admitted to killing her with hammer blows to her head. He said that she provoked him by calling him a “loser”.

Matthew has made a final appeal and the case has now been moved to the Court of Cessation for a review. GAD/Expat Media


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