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Indians banned from jobs in ships to Iran


DUBAI – India has imposed a ban on its citizens who want to work in fishing vessels headed towards Iran from three Gulf countries, including the UAE.

In an advisory, the Protector General of Emigrants banned the recruitment of Indians “on fishing vessels and trawlers which may be moving from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE towards Iran, till further notice, as it may lead to their possible detention, arrest or even endanger their lives”.

The authority said that Indians who flout the rule may face legal action by Iranian authorities or be jailed in Iran.

The advisory issued on April 6 stated that the authority has received reports from Indian missions abroad of Indian fishermen, working on foreign fishing vessels, who have been arrested by Iranian authorities.

It said that Iran’s coast guard have been tasked to check and apprehend vessels entering Iranian territorial waters.

The Protector General of Emigrants advised all registered recruiting agents not to process cases of employment or engagement of Indian emigrants and workers on fishing vessels headed towards Iran from the three Gulf countries.

All Protectors of Emigrants have also been advised caution in approving emigration clearance and “to ensure that no application seeking issue of emigration clearance for work on fishing vessels or trawlers moving towards Iranian waters from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE is granted”. GAD/Expat Media



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