A composite photo from Rosemarie Pineda Daduyo's Facebook post.


Former Dubai expat ‘bullied’ for wearing maid’s uniform at mall


DUBAI – A Filipina who moved to Kuwait after working in Dubai took to social media to complain about being bullied for wearing her housemaid’s uniform at the mall.

Rosemarie Pineda Daduyo’s post on Facebook group Grupo ng mga OFW on Tuesday has since gotten 1,300 reactions and more than 600 comments, with many saying that she has nothing to be ashamed of.

The 39-year-old Filipina said she was at the Lulu Hypermarket in Al Egaila, Kuwait, when a woman allegedly approached her, looked her up and down and asked why she wore her housemaid’s uniform at the mall.

“Are you not embarrassed to be seen wearing that in public? It just looks pitiful,” Daduyo quoted the woman as saying. She said that the woman told her she would never agree to wearing her uniform in public.

The Filipina said she did not want to get into a lengthy argument and answered that it was more important for her to have a decent job than be worried about how she dressed in public.

Daduyo ended her post with a plea in Filipino, calling on the public to “not judge people based on what they wear”. “It doesn’t matter whether what you are wearing is plain or fancy, we are here for one thing: to work decently,” she said.

Speaking to, Daduyo said the woman’s comments made her feel small. “You are already a housemaid at home, yet you still look like a housemaid when you are outside,” she quoted the woman as saying.

“I know what she said is true, and she’s entitled to her opinion. I just felt bad that time,” she said, adding that the reason for her post is not to malign anyone but to serve as a lesson on respect.

On the incident surrounding her maid’s uniform, Daduyo said she did ask her employer twice for permission to wear jeans in public, but that he declined.

Daduyo had worked in Al Ain, Sharjah and Dubai where she earned up to Dh1,300 per month, before moving to Kuwait in 2016 to find greener pastures.

“My current employer is good to me. He has four children, who are fun but a bit of a challenge to manage,” she said, adding that the children are aged 9, 8 and 4, with a baby aged 4 months.

Daduyo said she shares the workload with another housemaid, and that they mostly spend their day indoors, if the family doesn’t take them out for visits to relatives in Kuwait. ICA/Expat Media


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