Film photography is back in vogue.


Film photography back in vogue. Find out why


DUBAI – Does anyone still remember what a film roll looks like?

It seems like eons ago when we last used this piece of technology with the point-and-shoot or SLR camera. Those 36 exposures have been replaced by a single 32GB memory card that can store thousands of images.

But in this digital world, it appears that film photography is making a comeback. Dubai resident and freelance photographer April Ann Vocal Pastor, 28, said it is more than just nostalgia.

Pastor’s Canon 5DSR has taken a backseat while she’s exploring the limits of her film camera Camera Contax t2, the latest gadget that has inspired some of her most recent candid shots of life in the emirates.

“I love shooting in film. It gives me more exciting photos. When I’m shooting film, what I see is what I get. There is no editing,” she said.

She said that the finality of taking a photo using a film camera gives her “more self-discipline”. “You only have one shot, your camera, your eyes and your film roll,” she said.

“I have 36 shots, compared to the thousands I could make with a digital camera,” she said, “I have mixed emotions when shooting in film. I want every single shot to be perfect. And after I drop off the film roll to be developed, I can’t sleep from the excitement of seeing the result.”

Check out her photos here

April Ann Vocal Pastor

April Ann Vocal Pastor

April Ann Vocal Pastor

April Ann Vocal Pastor

April Ann Vocal Pastor

April Ann Vocal Pastor

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