The Filipino Social Club at the CDA headquarters in Dubai.


Dubai CDA approves license of Filipino Social Club


DUBAI – The Community Development Authority (CDA) of Dubai Government has issued a license to the Filipino Social Club (FilSoc), allowing the newly formed group to operate within Dubai.

The CDA regulates and provides licensing services to non-profit civil society organisations that organise ongoing social, cultural, artistic or entertainment activities.

Dr. Omar AbdulAziz Al Muthanna, CEO of the Regulatory and Licensing Sector of CDA, recently handed over the license to FilSoc’s founding members, led by its president, Ericson P. Reyes, at the CDA headquarters.

“A license is a tool given to empower communities that wish to deliver social services. Our goal is not limited to merely giving a license. Our success lies in playing the role of the catalyst for social innovation. We set the playing field by creating standards and frameworks that promote creative thinking and innovative solutions,” Al Muthanna said.

“Applicants who demonstrate competency in managing the organization may only be licensed. We look at certain criteria, which include the organization’s structure, board members, location, innovation, smart services, and sustainability. Licensed associations are encouraged to move away from short-termed solutions that rarely impact the lives of the beneficiaries and to start providing more sustainable programs,” he added.

As a CDA-regulated association, FilSoc “envisions to be the organization of all Overseas Filipinos who would like to participate in non-profit community services through social, cultural, sports, welfare, entertainment-related activities”.

The club will collaborate with other licensed social groups in the community and will support some programs of the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and also some community engagement programs of the Dubai Government.

FilSoc President Reyes said: “We will have clear targets as to what we are going to do, how we are going to serve the community, and on how we are going collaborate with other CDA-regulated social clubs; and we are free to make decisions in supporting some programs of the PCG and especially the host government of Dubai.”

Speaking to, Reyes expressed his delight at getting CDA approval for the Filipino club. “I am very happy because after a year, we finally got approval from the CDA. This represents years of ambition for the Filipino community to get a license from the CDA.”

Under FilSoc, Reyes is supported by Cesar B. Mora as Vice President; Jomana A. Mohammed as Secretary; Orandantes M. Delizo as Treasurer: Olympia R. Pineda as Auditor; Arthur Lawrence A. Los Baños as PRO and Board Members Wendell T. Castro, Gina T. Salazar and Ahmad Almatrooshi. The founding members are Matilyn V. Bagunu and Marilyn Roscales Kasimieh, with Alan S. Bacason as advisers and legal representative of the club.

Last year, the CDA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a fresh warning to groups that were not registered under the CDA but continued to organize community events in Dubai. LKA/ICA/Expat Media


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