Trial begins in case of Filipina brutally murdered in International City


DUBAI – The murder trial has begun for a 24-year-old Pakistani watchman accused of the brutal killing of a Filipina inside her apartment in International City.

The Pakistani is charged with stabbing Lenlie Silpao Oliverio 66 times and smashing an aquarium over her head during the February 18 murder.

He pleaded not guilty at his trial in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday (August 7).

“Yes, I stabbed her but I did not intend to kill her. We had a heated argument and we fought… I did cause her death but I had not planned to do so… I stole her money and then I returned it,” the watchman argued in court.

According to court records, the watchman was mopping the corridor outside the woman’s apartment when they got involved in a heated argument.

According to court documents, the watchman returned to her apartment after the altercation, claiming that he had come to check the fire alarm. He then stabbed her several times with a knife until its handle broke off. He tried to use a screwdriver that he was carrying but she fought him off, however, he was able to grab a kitchen knife and continued to stab her.

Despite her injuries, the woman was still breathing, so the accused grabbed an aquarium and smashed it on her head. Later that day, her Indian boyfriend discovered her body and alerted police.

An autopsy revealed that the woman had been stabbed 66 times. Prosecutors said physical evidence links the watchman to the crime.

Police were able to identify the watchman as the prime suspect in the murder after they noticed injuries and scratches on his body.

A police officer said that upon interrogation, the watchman said he got scratches on his face after shaving, and that he bruised himself when he fell down.

“We suspected him more… then he admitted killing the woman because she angered him… He said he asked her to stay inside until he had finished [mopping the floor], but she scolded him and kicked the bucket,” the police officer testified in court.

The trial resumes on August 23.


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