Filipina influencer Charlene Agoncillo with Dubai taxi driver, Hassan.


Filipina influencer praises Dubai driver for returning lost iPhone


DUBAI – Filipina social media influencer Charlene Agoncillo took to Facebook to praise an honest taxi driver who helped return her lost iPhone.

Agoncillo told that the incident started after she forgot her iPhone 7 Plus in the taxi after alighting outside a restaurant in Karama on Wednesday.

The Filipina, a customer service agent who is the voice behind online radio show Pinas Music Zone, said she and her friend had already spent about 10 minutes in the restaurant when she noticed that her phone was missing.

“I asked my friend to call [my number]… I checked everywhere… bags, washroom,” she told

“What bothers me is I know I put my phone on silent mode, and if it was lying in the backseat of the taxi, chances were that the driver won’t immediately notice it,” she said.

Agoncillo said the mobile phone was very important to her as she uses it to take videos for her vlogs.

She and her friend still made repeated attempts to call her number. When there was no response, she called the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to report her missing phone.

“The RTA asked me where we hailed the taxi, where we alighted and how much I paid for the fare,” she said.

After the report, Agoncillo tried to call her number again. “I think I only made two phone calls before the driver picked up the call,” she said.

“I wanted to cry for joy when he answered and said he was in Muhaisnah that time,” she said.

The taxi driver, Hassan, coordinated with her for a meet-up and the phone was returned in less than an hour, she said.

“I am very thankful because it’s very worrisome when you lose your phone,” she said, adding that the taxi driver’s honesty is one of the reasons why she loves Dubai. ICA/Expat Media


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