These falafel wrappers (inset) will serve as free tickets to Global Village.


Enter Dubai Global Village for free with falafel wrapper


DUBAI – Would you like to enter the Global Village for free? All you need is a certain falafel wrapper.

The entertainment park in Dubai has launched the “Falafel talks” at Arabic restaurants in Dubai.

The new promotion digitizes the ubiquitous and humble Arabic snack and turns it into an entry ticket for Global Village.

Key Dubai restaurants including Manoushe Street, Jedoudna and Operation Falafel, will serve their customers Falafel sandwiches wrapped in specially designed limited-edition wrappers that not only represent the cultures of five Arab countries but also includes a bar code built into the designs, turning each wrapper into a free entry ticket to Global Village.

With these specially designed wrappers, Global Village presents unique themes after Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan, being the five most famous countries to serve this internationally renowned snack.

The designs capture the essence of these countries, the people and their love for food. The Falafel wrappers are illustrated by five celebrated artists from across the Middle East.

According to Muhannad Ishaq, Guest Experience Manager at Global Village, “‘Falafel talks’ is one of our most prominent campaigns that we have launched to interact with the society in United Arab Emirates. At Global Village, cultures, cuisines and shopping from around the world come together upon a platform created by an Emirati brand. With this promotion, we celebrate the many cultures of the Arab world and have utilized the fact that this favourite snack brings us all together.”

“Falafel wrappers depicting five Arab countries, designed by five different illustrators and delivering a single message that allows us to interact with our guests outside Global Village’s geographical borders. It comes as a part of our strategic outreach program that interacts with an average of 120 organizations every season, spreading happiness amongst them and introducing cultures to them,” Ishaq said.

Season 23 at Global Village welcomes guests and offers unique shopping experiences, cultural performances, entertainment events and surprises every day until April 6. Global Village is open from 4pm to 12am from Saturday to Wednesday and from 4pm to 1pm on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays. On Mondays, it is dedicated to families and women only. GAD/Expat Media


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