Farriers all-day dining restaurant, The Meydan Hotel.


Eid Al Adha Arabic and Asian food feasts at The Meydan Hotel


DUBAI – For those spending Eid Al Adha in Dubai, check out what The Meydan Hotel has in store for your culinary cravings.

Farriers restaurant

On the first and second day of Eid Al Adha, Farriers offers a Middle Eastern culinary journey with extensive Eid Al Adha breakfast, lunch or dinner buffets.

For Eid Al Adha breakfast, choose from traditional Emirati dishes including ‘Balaleet’ (sweetened vermicelli with rose water served with overlying egg omelette), ‘Ageed’ (eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, onions spiced with coriander) or the Emirati dessert ‘Khabitha’ (a sweet, crumble-like dessert made with roasted brown flour, cashew nuts and saffron).

Further Middle Eastern culinary creations take a huge part of the buffet, whether the extensive cheese corner, the freshly baked Arabic bread and ‘manaqeesh’, the well- known ‘falafel’ and ‘foul medames’ or the wide selection of salads and side dishes.

For lunch, the buffet features famous Middle Eastern dishes from ‘Lamb makbous’, ‘mixed dulma with lamb chop’, ‘Prawn Biryani’ to ‘Lamb Harris’, ‘Arabic mixed grill’ and ‘Gorgy Kebab’.

Chefs will interact with the guests on the day with various live cooking stations including the exquisite ‘Whole Ouzi with saffron rice’ station, while a wide range of warm and cold starters and side dishes are presented at the buffet together and a dessert corner, especially prepared for guests with a sweet tooth.


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