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Egyptian actress denies attacking American family on Dubai holiday


DUBAI – An Egyptian actress accused of assaulting an American family on vacation in Dubai has denied the alleged attack, the court heard.

Zeina, 38, appeared at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on Tuesday to denied assaulting the family, whom she accused of filming her while she was at Atlantis the Palm.

Dubai court: Egyptian actress denies attacking American family

An Egyptian film star accused of assaulting an Arab-American family while on holiday in Dubai, denied the attack during a court hearing on Tuesday.

“I swear to God that these people are not telling the truth. I am a famous actress and I would not attack anyone,” Zeina testified.

The man, his wife and daughter have accused the actress and her 41-year-old sister of screaming at them and assaulting them.

The actress also accused the couple with physical assault. The man denied the charges when he appeared in court on Tuesday.

He said he has his family were in the hotel on June 29 when he allegedly saw Zeina screaming at his daughter and accusing her of filming the actress.

After an altercation that turned physical, police were called and took everyone to a police station for questioning.

A verdict is expected on January 24.


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