Theresa May’s Conservative Party has the numbers but not an absolute majority


LONDON – Early election results of the UK general election showed that Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservation Party losing overall majority in the British Parliament and could force her to step down.

Exit polls conducted by British broadcasters showed that the Conservatives will only have 314 seats. A political party needs to have 326 seats to be considered the majority in the 650-member British legislature.

With that outcome, Britain will have a so-called “hung parliament”, which is defined as a parliament where no political party has no absolute majority.

According to CNN, the expression “hung parliament” originated from the term “hung jury” wherein jurors cannot decide on a verdict and a retrial is held. But in the case of the UK elections, the outcome will not trigger the holding of another election.

Instead, the Conservatives – having the most number of seats – will try to form a coalition with other small parties (Liberal Democrats and Norther Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party and Ulster Unionist Party) to reach 326 and thus become the majority. The same is to expected to be done by the Labour Party – the second largest political group in the Parliament with the Liberal Democrats, Greens, Scottish National Party, and the Social Democratic and Labour Party.

However, if no coalition is reached by either the Conservative and Labour parties, a party oould try to form a minority government, which will have difficulty passing laws in Parliament.

Both the Conservative and Labour parties are under pressure to form a coalition government after the elections because formal talks between Britain and the European Union (EU) in relation to the UK’s divorce from the EU will start on June 19 and if no stable government is in place by then, Brexit talks will be pushed back.

May earlier called for an early election in an effort to get overwhelming political support as she proceeds with Brexit.

If a hung parliament is confirmed, the Conservative Party will proceed with forming a coalition government and but Conservatives will vent their anger at May for throwing away a majority before the election was held by holding a snap election.

Political observers see moves for May to step down but the Conservatives would not want to appear disunited.

However, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has beaten the Conservatives to the draw as he demanded that May step down after her party failed to get a majority. He said politics has changed in the UK and that May should resign “to make way for a government that is truly representative of the British people.”

The last time Britain had a hung parliament was in 2010 when a Labour leader was the prime minister and the Conservatives ruled the Parliament. GAC/Expat Media


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