Lazar Sretenovic explains how EMS works at the conference hall of Treppan Hotel & Suites on February 2, 2019.


New exercise at Treppan hotel brings smart workout closer to guests


DUBAI – A hotel in Dubai Sports City has launched a new smart workout that lets guests enjoy a “revolutionary” exercise in their own suite.

Treppan Hotel & Suites by Fakhruddin launched over the weekend its Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training in support of Dubai’s vision to become a smart, most active city in the world.

Guests who sign up for the training can opt to have their personalized EMS exercise in their own hotel suite or in the hotel gym.

Electrostimulation is considered the newest advancement in fitness training by targeting core muscle groups during exercise. Wireless EMS devices strapped on to specific parts of the body send low-frequency electric impulses that helps muscles contract as you work out.

The high-tech exercise equipment, combined with personalized workouts designed by licensed fitness trainers, allow individuals to lose weight faster.

“It’s completely safe and all it takes is a 20-minute session to lose up to 600 calories,” said Lazar Sretenovic, a fitness instructor.

While the use of EMS in physical therapy and rehabilitation isn’t new, fitness experts have tapped on the technology to help “revolutionise” their exercise programme. JMY/Expat Media

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