Jennifer Guardian, 39, is a Dubai-based engineer.


Dubai Filipino engineer loses Dh11,784 in fraud


DUBAI – A Filipino engineer in Dubai said that he lost nearly a month’s worth of salary after a fraudster siphoned the money from his bank account.

Jennifer Guardian, 39, said he was on vacation in the Philippines for a month when the fraudster withdrew a total of Dh11,784 from his bank account in April.

His sim card failed to work in the Philippines, so he was not able to get alerts about the unauthorized withdrawals, he said. He got the shock of his life when he returned to the UAE and found that his money had been stolen.

“According to the bank investigation, it was the work of a lone fraudster, and not an organized gang. The investigation is still going on,” Guardian told

The engineer, who is also the founder of the IRMAP group, said that the first withdrawal was for the amount of Dh200 on April 4.

“I think it was the fraudster trying to see if he would get caught. This was quickly followed by three withdrawals of Dh2,000 each, and another Dh5,000. He took what was left on April 16,” he said.

“I kept that money in my account because I was hoping to use it on my return to the UAE. I never thought a fraudster would beat me to it. It was a good thing my friends sent me money that I could use in the Philippines,” he said.

He lodged a complaint with the bank the minute he landed in Dubai a few weeks ago. “The first thing the bank asked me was, ‘Did you do any online transaction?’. I didn’t,” he said.

“The only time I ever used my debit card was to purchase some prepaid mobile cards in the grocery store here in Dubai,” he added.

Guardian said that the bank investigation confirmed that his account had been compromised. “They promised a resolution to my missing money in one month,” he said, adding that he was grateful to the bank for the swift action.

Guardian said that the bank has also taken security measures by changing his security details in their system and issuing him a new debit card.

What has he learned from the ordeal? “Be careful about where you use your debit or credit cards, and always make sure you update your mobile number or have a working sim card linked to your bank account so you get instant SMS alerts on any bank transaction,” he said. ICA/Expat Media


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