Francis Mathew is serving a jail term for murdering his wife, Jane.


Dubai editor claims ‘temporary insanity’ in wife murder case


DUBAI – A British former editor in Dubai suffered “temporary insanity” when he murdered his wife at their villa, his lawyer told the court.

Francis Mathew, former editor of Gulf News, is currently serving a 10-year prison term for killing his wife, Jane, with two hammer blows to her head during a heated argument.

He was sentenced to jail in March after the Dubai court modified his charge from premeditated killing to beating that led to death. He has filed an appeal to seek a lighter sentence.

On Sunday, his lawyer, Ali Abdullah Al Shamsi, presented a report from a forensic consultant that said Mathew hit his wife only once on the head during the July 4 incident.

“He was suffering from a severe pressure and emotional stress, he had a temporary insanity which means he lost all abilities to distinguish right from wrong,” according to the report by forensic consultant Dr. Muna Al Juhary.

Matthew’s lawyer said the former editor was gripped by a sudden fit of “intense outrage” triggered by constant provocation by the victim.

“He was under severe provocation and the assault happened in just a few minutes. Her behaviour sent him into a state of distress and anger. He lost control over himself, his actions and couldn’t realise the consequences of what he did,” the lawyer added.

More witnesses are expected to give their testimonies when the hearing resumes on September 23. GAD/Expat Media


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