Analysis from the scene of the crash near Mushrif Park in Dubai on May 16, 2019.


Dubai airport crash results: all you need to know


DUBAI – Dubai’s biggest aviation disaster to date left four people dead after a small aircraft crashed near the Dubai Airport in May.

Authorities have released the preliminary report into the incident. Here’s all you need to know:

What happened?

A small Diamond DA62 aircraft crashed near the Dubai Airport on May 16, 2019, killing all four people on board.

What was the preliminary report into the crash?

According to the report, the plane flew too close to a large Thai Airways aircraft that was approaching a parallel runway at the time, resulting in turbulence that caused the small plane to lose control. The report also blamed inconsistent hazard warnings from air traffic control.

What else do we know about the crash?

The DA62 aircraft turned upside down in the air and then smashed into a nature reserve near Mushrif Park, about 6km from the airport runway.

At the site of the crash near Dubai International Airport on May 16, 2019.

Who were the fatalities?

Three British men and one South African man died in the crash. The Britons were Christoper Stone, former RAF wing commander David Phillips and William Blackburn, a first officer at Flight Calibration Services, the Sussex-based owner of the plane. The South African victim was identified as Fritz Venter.

What were they doing in Dubai?

They were flying into Dubai to carry out lighting checks at the airport, as part of an upgrade programme.

What did authorities find in the wreckage?

Authorities found the aircraft’s seats 50 to 68 metres away from the main wreckage. The plane was completely destroyed in the crash that sparked a fire.

Was there a flight data recorder on board?

No. The plane did not have a black box, also known as a flight data recorder, because of its small size.

What do authorities have to say about the incident?

Investigators of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority have called for new warnings to be issued to air traffic controllers and light aircraft pilots about the dangers of “wake turbulence” and the importance of maintaining safe distances.

Were there other aircraft incidents in Dubai?

The last major aircraft incident in the emirate happened on August 3, 2016 when an Emirates plane from India made an emergency landing at the airport. The 300 passengers and crew were all saved, but a firefighter was killed in an explosion sparked by a fire on the aircraft. ICA/Expat Media


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