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Don’t forget to sleep well this Ramadan


DUBAI – Ramadan is an important time for families and friends to come together. With the season packed with get-togethers, iftar celebrations and other festivities, people tend to stay awake well into the night, which then results in disrupted sleep patterns.

Sleep is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing, and there are documented implications when we don’t get enough of it.

For UAE, where Ramadan fasting is expected to last on average of 14 hours, it is imperative that people keep a regular and healthy sleep cycle as it can strongly impact one’s ability to actively perform every day activities throughout the month, without falling weak or ill.

Disrupted sleep can bring about day-time sleepiness, headaches, behavioural problems and reduced cognitive functioning, said sleep expert and Whisper founder Dominik Zunkovic.

Sleep deprivation makes a person crave for sugary and fatty foods, which is not healthy,  Zunkovic said.

“Just as much as a healthy diet, prioritising good sleeping habits during Ramadan is very important in order to maintain a proper balance of overall wellness, while keeping hunger and fatigue at bay during this season, will becomes that much easier. Additionally, maintaining regular sleeping patterns during Ramadan is a key step to re-adjusting post the season,” Zunkovic added.

To maintain sleep quality and quantity, Dominik recommends keeping one’s sleep environment quiet and dark for minimum distraction.

While adding that the use of earplugs or eye masks can perform wonders for falling and staying asleep, he emphasized that a good mattress is one of the most important aspects of achieving a healthy dose of sleep.

“Mattresses are the foundation of good sleep and choosing the right one can make all the difference. A mattress that provides proper support for your back, neck and joints, promoting good alignment, and cushion for pressure points and relief for pain, is what you need to ensure sleep quality,” he said. GAD/PR/Expat Media


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