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Abu Dhabi legalises e-scooter rentals in trial run


DUBAI – Electric scooters will be allowed on two streets in Abu Dhabi after it legalized e-scooter rentals as part of a trial run.

Companies are now allowed to rent out electric scooters for use on the pedestrian and cycle paths of the Corniche and Khalifa Street. Scooters must be restricted to speeds of between 15kmph to 20kmph.

The initial trial will run for six to 12 months. E-scooter rental companies can apply for a certificate and business licence to run rental services.

The Intergrated Transport Centre, in a press release, said the decision to legalise e-scooter rental services is to “reduce the traffic congestion and maintain a safe environment that will boost the quality of life in the emirate. This can be achieved by offering variety of alternative modes of transport.”

In Dubai, electric scooters were banned in March as authorities finalized regulations on their use. An official of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), however, clarified the ban on the use of the transport in the emirate.

“You can use your e-scooters in closed areas, or if they are allowed by the Dubai Municipality, including in parks and inside campuses,” said Mousa Al Raeisi, director of monitoring and enforcement at the RTA’s licensing agency.

Under the law, however, electric scooters are categorised as motorcycles and are not allowed on roads unless they are licensed.

The RTA is reportedly reviewing regulation for electric scooters, including a possible licensing similar to motorcycles, while the ban is in place. ICA/Expat Media


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