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7 workplace safety tips every employee should know


DUBAI – Staying safe at work is important, no matter what your job is, a specialist in Dubai said. spoke with Engineer Jennifer Guardian, IMS Engineer Specialist of Dewa and one of the founders of Integrated Risk Management Association of the Philippines (IRMAP), to share best practice guidelines on workplace safety.

The Dubai-based group recently ushered in new officers to help it share workplace safety information, particularly to Filipinos in high-risk jobs in the UAE.  The group has 96 members and conducts monthly trainings on workplace safety and environment awareness in the emirates.

A safe working environment depends on how employees and management follow safety standards, said Guardian.

Employees must be encouraged to identify unsafe workplace practices and report these to employers so that these may be properly addressed, he added.

Here are 7 workplace safety tips every employee must know


1. Understand the risks

In order to make well-informed safety decisions while doing your job, you must first know and understand the particular hazards of your work or workplace. This will help you stay clear of potentially hazardous areas, machines or situations.

2. Reduce workplace stress

When you are stressed, you tend to be less focused on your work, which leaves the door open for mistakes to happen. Working long hours, doing heavy workload and conflicts with co-workers are common causes of stress at work. Take proactive steps to deal with your stressors in a positive way, such as taking up a hobby. You may also want to open up to your supervisor to address specific work-related issues.

3. Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks helps you stay fresh and alert on the job. A lot of work-related injuries and illnesses occur because of tiredness, so make sure you take a break to avoid work burnout.  You should also avoid alcohol and drugs as these interfere with your judgement and concentration.

4. Use mechanical aids whenever possible

Tools and machines are there to make your job easier, so make sure you use them and use them properly. When using tools, however, never take shortcuts as this is one of the top causes of injuries in the workplace. For example, instead of carrying or lifting something heavy, take time to use a wheelbarrow or forklift. This may set you back a few minutes but you’re really sparing yourself from potential long-term problems.

5. Protect your back

It is impossible to work when you have a back problem, so make sure you protect your back at all times. Avoid twisting and stooping, and use ergonomically designed furniture at all times. If you’re picking up things, use  correct form so your back doesn’t get hurt.

6. Wear protective equipment suited to your task

You can prevent injuries by wearing correct safety equipment while doing your work. The kind of protective equipment you use can greatly reduce the risk of injury to you. Find out what protective equipment you need on the job, and use it, whether it be earplugs, earmuffs, hard hats, safety goggles, gloves or a full-face mask.

7. Know where emergency exits are located and how to use first aid kits

Be aware of where the emergency exits and kits are located so that in case of emergency you will know where to go. Emergency exits and first aid kits must be easily accessible so ensure that they are free from obstructions. ICA/Expat Media


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