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Majority of UAE residents want disposable cups, plastic bags banned


DUBAI – A recent survey has showed what is a widespread concern among 52 percent of UAE residents: single-use plastics.

A survey by YouGov of 1,017 residents revealed that 52 percent of respondents were “greatly concerned” about the use of plastic.

Residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi expressed the greatest worry about plastic use fueling the planet’s escalating problem.

Respondents said they would support a ban on plastic items, particularly disposable coffee cups, foam egg boxes, drinking straws, wet wipes and plastic bags.

Majority of UAE residents want to see a ban on foam egg boxes, disposable coffee cups, and plastic bags to help tackle the problem with plastic.

Two thirds of respondents believe that excessive plastic wastage is contributing to the degradation of the environment.

A majority of respondents, or 83 percent of them, said a big way to reduce plastic use was to carry a bottle to refill water and to avoid using disposable plastic cutlery.

In the UAE, 75 percent of waste must be recycled, as mandated by the UAE federal law.

However, the UAE still generates about 1.3 kilograms of waste per capita per day, which is considered among the world’s highest. GAD/Expat Media


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