Dubai expert shares 5 wackiest job interview answers she’s heard


DUBAI – Sometimes, even jobseekers can say the darndest things!

No one knows this better than seasoned human resources specialist Vagelyn Tumbaga-Federico, the Human Resources Director of Dusit Thani Dubai.

Tumbaga-Federico said she has heard her share of the wackiest and zaniest job interview answers over the years, with applicants talking about fears, fancies and other totally unexpected comments.
The award-winning HR specialist shares with the top five job interview answers that left her jaw dropping to the ground, and her thoughts on each one.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Job seeker: Within five years I could find myself without a job and replaced by a robot. With the upcoming technology people are now scared that manpower will be replaced by robots.

HR notes: But in hospitality industry, the high touch is what we need, not the high tech.


Why should we hire you over other candidates?

Job seeker: I don’t know why you should hire others, but I do know why you should hire me. I am the best and if you will not hire me you don’t deserve the best and the company’s management is incompetent.

HR notes: A very strong statement from a jobseeker that could potentially bring value and contribution to the company if truly competent.

Why did you leave your last employer?

Job seeker: My boss was stupid and would always argue with me about how to do my job.

HR notes: Don’t ever talk bad against your previous boss or employer.

What is your greatest weakness?

Job seeker: Chocolates and uncontrollable eating habit.

HR notes: Me, too!


Do you have any question about the job?

Job seeker: What if I woke in the morning and didn’t feel like coming to work?

HR notes: You haven’t even been hired and you’re already thinking of skipping work?

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