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Up to Dh800 fine over 5 traffic mistakes in UAE


DUBAI – Whether you are driving or crossing the road, be mindful of these five things you probably did not know could get you fined under the UAE traffic laws.

We’ve compiled five of the best SMS reminders on road safety from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA):

Crossing roads

Music or traffic, you can’t listen to both. Avoid headphones while crossing the road, the RTA reminded. “Be alert to what is going on around you to stay safe. Look, listen, then pass. Be an alert and a safe pedestrian,” according to the RTA. Failure to abide by traffic signals or crossing from an undesignated area will cost you a fine of Dh400.

Distracted driving

Avoid distractions while driving. Snap out before it’s too late. You are four times more likely to crash if you are using a mobile phone while driving, according to the RTA. Remember that preoccupation by mobile phone or any other thing while driving is a traffic violation punishable by Dh800 and 4 black points.


Tailgating puts innocent lives in danger. Failing to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicles in front is a traffic violation in the UAE that is going to get you fined Dh400 and cost you 4 black points on your traffic file.

Driving with damaged tires

Damaged tires can damage your ride. Check your tires regularly to avoid unexpected trouble, particularly these summer months. Remember that driving with damaged tires is a traffic violation punishable by Dh500 and 7 black points. Your vehicle will also be impounded for 7 days.

Reversing dangerously

Do not drive on reverse if you do not have a good view. “Stop, look, listen and then reverse. Use your senses to make sure that place is free of vehicles and pedestrians,” the RTA reminded motorists in a recent SMS. Reversing dangerously is a traffic violation punishable by Dh500 and 4 black points. ICA/Expat Media


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