Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during a speech in Capiz, Philippines.


3 times Duterte’s speech got interrupted by unlikely distractors


DUBAI – It looks like reptiles and insects just love pestering the Philippine president during his public speeches.

On Thursday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech was interrupted by an unlikely distractor—a noisy gecko!

Duterte was addressing a crowd of officials, residents and former rebels at Camp General Macario B. Peralta Jr in Capiz when the loud gecko interrupted him midway through his speech.

He poked fun at the situation, eliciting laughter from the audience as he teased one of his female protocol officers for bringing her pet to the affair.

In July, Duterte was delivering a speech in Taguig City when a fly kept buzzing around before landing on his forehead as he ranted about Catholic priests. He shooed the fly, saying in jest that it was sent by the priests.

Prior to that incident, a big cockroach was seen crawling on his shirt during a campaign rally in Bohol. His female aide tried to swat the insect away while Duterte appeared unfazed.

“Liberal ‘yan. Sigurado na ‘yan, klaro sa likod (It’s a Liberal for sure, you could see on its back),” he said, teasing the opposition party of being behind the cockroach. GAD/Expat Media


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