The beach in Sharjah.


Robots and drones to be used to improve safety on beaches


DUBAI – Remote-controlled robots that are “twice as fast as a human rescuer” will be deployed at beaches in Sharjah to save people from drowning, an official said.

Major Abdullah Al Khayal, acting director of Sharjah Police’s Rescue Department, said the robotic vessels will be operated from a special operations room.

The vessels will be able to save more than one person at a time and can withstand harsh weather and currents, Al Khayal said.

The Rescue Department will also use a special drone to locate and rescue people in Sharjah waters.

The drone will have cameras that zoom in to any object by up to 38 times. It will also be equipped with a thermal sensor to make it easier to locate people. GAD/Expat Media


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