Iraqi foils Dh54,000 robbery bid at Dubai airport parking


DUBAI – An Iraqi man has foiled an attempted robbery at a parking lot of the Dubai International Airport.

The Iraqi was alerted after he saw two Pakistani men being chased by an Indian man in the paid parking area.

He caught up with the Indian chasing the men and learned that he was robbed while working as a cashier at a kiosk in Dubai Airport terminal 2.

The Iraqi then boarded a taxi and asked the driver to chase the two Pakistani suspects. He was able to overtake the duo and overpower them.

He also retrieved the bag of stolen money and made the duo sit inside the taxi until the police arrived to apprehend them.

The Pakistanis were referred to prosecutors who accused them of beating and threatening the Indian cashier and then stealing the money in the cash register.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges when they appeared at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

The cashier testified that the duo knocked at the kiosk’s door and then assaulted him as soon as he opened it.

“The grabbed me by the neck… assaulted me, stole the money and ran away. I chased them in the street until the Iraqi man managed to stop them,” he said.

The court is expected to issue a verdict on July 30. GAD/Expat Media


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