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Student driver assaults instructor over Dubai driving test


DUBAI – A Sudanese student driver hit her Emirati driving instructor with an iPad and nearly crashed their car into another car after she accused the Emirati of making her fail her driving test in Dubai.

The woman reportedly flew into a fit of rage, saying her instructor deliberately failed her and that she would now “drive as she pleases”.

She then tried to crash the car into a pavement and nearly collided with another vehicle before the instructor regained control of the wheel.

The woman was one of three student drivers taking a driving test on November 9 on  a busy road in Al Qouz Industrial Area. The ordeal reportedly left the passengers terrified, while the instructor sustained bruises from the assault.

“She started screaming and accusing me of failing her deliberately and said that since she had failed, she will drive as she pleases. I told her its not true and asked her to continue her test but she wouldn’t listen,” said 33-year-old Emirati.

The Emirati said that the woman refused to stop the vehicle, and hit him on the hand and thigh with the iPad used to rate her driving skills.

The woman was charged with endangering lives and assaulting a government employee. She was convicted of the charges and sentenced to one month’s suspended prison sentence. GAD/Expat Media


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