Philippine singer Gary Valenciano.


Gary V: I came very close to dropping dead


MANILA – Singer Gary Valenciano said he nearly died in public after his 35th anniversary performance on Philippine entertainment show ASAP before doctors diagnosed him with a serious ailment.

“I came very close to dropping dead in full public view on national television that day. I’m told that one more jump could’ve done that job. I was miraculously saved from that,” he told ABS-CBN TV network.

Valenciano said he felt severe pain in his chest, and a doctor’s checkup revealed he needed an open heart surgery to fix a 95 percent blockage in the main artery to his heart.

The operation was a success and Valenciano, although diabetic, made steady progress in his healing.

During his recovery period, the singer felt lower back pain and doctors who checked him found out that he had a 6-centimetre tumor attached to his kidney.

Although the tumor was malignant, doctors found that it had not spread and that they could cut it off and a part of his kidney without Valenciano needing chemotherapy or radiation.

The operation was also a success and Valenciano is now reportedly cancer-free.

“Doctors were again baffled I was healing so well after my open heart surgery, despite my diabetes. They say I have the heart of a strong 25-year-old,” he said.

“And when they saw the tumor in my kidney and were able to take it all out without any need for chemo? Well, we all agree: this is the work of the Lord, and nothing else. I am blessed,” he added.

Valenciano said he is taking his time in recovering from two surgeries, but is excited for new projects lined up for his return to television “very soon”. GAD/Expat Media


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