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A new Facebook rival? Filipino creator in Dubai hopes so


DUBAI – A Filipino programmer in Dubai has reportedly built a new social media website that he hopes will be as big as Facebook someday.

Louie Romero, 41, told ABS-CBN that he was inspired to build due to Filipinos’ love of gaming and social media.

The social media site looks similar to Facebook but also features online games.

It’s for Filipinos who love social networking, Romero said.

“They can play games and they can earn from a social network,” he said.

Picstagram, he said, lets users play unlimited online games while also earning from referral links and advertising.

According to the ABS-CBN report, Romero first launched the site in 2016 in Dubai with the help of Filipino investors, many of whom are household service workers.

Each share reportedly cost the investor Dh200, Romero said.

The Filipino is hoping that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can “help me to do this project that we can label as proudly Pinoy”. GAD/Expat Media


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