Dubai's Naif area.


7 arrested over Dh3.2 million in fake printer inks in Dubai


DUBAI – Police have raided an apartment in Dubai’s Naif area and arrested seven suspects dealing in fake ink cartridges worth Dh3.2 million.

The owner of the apartment and his six employees were caught packing counterfeit HP ink packs when police stormed the apartment.

“They had been selling them in the local market and exporting them,” said
Lieutenant-Colonel Omar Mohammad Bin Hamad, deputy director of the Anti-Economic Crime Department.

Bin Hamad said the seized cartridges were worth Dh3.2 million.

He added that during interrogation, the suspects admitted trading in fake goods. They are expected to face charges at the Public Prosecution.

Bin Hamad said the Dubai Police conducts regular inspections of shops and industrial areas in Dubai to combat economic crimes that “affect the famous brands being sold here”. GAD/Expat Media


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