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4 jailed, fined Dh100,000 for forcing maid into prostitution in Dubai


DUBAI – Four Bangladeshi men have been jailed and fined Dh100,000 each for forcing a Bangladeshi housemaid to work as a prostitute in Dubai.

The group will spend five years in jail before they are deported from the UAE, the Dubai court ruled.

The court heard that the housemaid, 41, had absconded from her employer in Al Ain after a female acquaintance told her she could work in Dubai as a housekeeper with a salary of Dh1,500 per month.

The runaway maid arrived in Dubai and was picked up by one of the Bangladeshi men who drove her to a villa where she was forced to work as a prostitute instead.

She later told police that she was forced to have sex with various men for nearly 13 days while the pimps collected fees of Dh200 to Dh300 from each client.

She was about to be sold to another pimp for Dh5,500 when she was rescued by police in a sting operation.

On Thursday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the four Bangladeshi men of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and running a brothel.

Police are still searching for the woman who lured the housemaid to work in Dubai. GAD/Expat Media


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