Mujeeb Haider (inset) is a teacher based in Lucknow, India.


Indian teacher’s ‘dream job offer’ in Dubai turns out fake


DUBAI – A new car, your own cook and a monthly package of Rs500,000 for a teacher’s job in Dubai. Too good to be true?

This was what Mujeeb Haider, a teacher from India’s Uttar Pradesh state, thought. His suspicions were compounded after he was told he needed to pay Dh3,500 in processing fees.

Haider said the “generous offer” came from a purported Dubai-based school that advertised the vacancy online.

The suspicious offer included more than Dh10,000 in salary and allowances, “a brand-new car” and “customised cooks”.

He was browsing online for job vacancies in Dubai when he came across the offer by Gulf International School Dubai. The school is not listed in Dubai.

Haider said he got the job offer after filling up a questionnaire. “I was surprised they accepted me without even a phone interview or cross-checking my documents,” he told Gulf News.

Haider, who has been a teacher for 27 years in India, said that the total salary package of Rs500,000 (Dh27,000) was too much, even for a principal. GAD/Expat Media


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