A street in Dubai. Picture for illustration purposes only.


Pakistani jailed for snatching Chinese secretary’s bag in Dubai


DUBAI – A 29-year-old Pakistani man who snatched a Chinese woman’s bag in Dubai will be spending one year in jail after losing his appeal.

The Pakistani, who worked as a salesman in Dubai, grabbed the woman’s bag as she was walking home from her office where she works as a secretary.

“Suddenly he tried to take away my bag but I grabbed it firmly. He pulled it strongly and I lost my balance and fell down. I hurt my arm and shoulder,” the woman testified.

Surveillance camera footage showed the man walking behind her before snatching her bag. The bag contained Dh3,700, a mobile phone, two SIM cards, and the woman’s driving licence and insurance card.

In February, the Pakistani man was sentenced to one year in jail for theft and assault.
He appealed the sentence, but this week the judge rejected his appeal.

The judge upheld the Pakistani man’s one year jail term followed by deportation. GAD/Expat Media


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