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Egyptian manager groped Filipina at Dubai apartment, court hears


DUBAI – A 46-year-old Egyptian manager is on trial for allegedly groping a Filipina house cleaner at his apartment in Dubai.

On Tuesday, the court heard that the Filipina was hired to clean the Egyptian’s apartment during the March incident.

She started to iron the clothes when he called her into his bedroom and asked her to wipe off the dust. There, he allegedly grabbed her posterior.

“When I yelled at him, he claimed that he touched me by mistake. Then he offered to pay me money and asked me to not report it to the police,” she testified.

“I left him and went to the kitchen, to where he followed me and paid me for cleaning. Once I went down, I called the police,” she told prosecutors.

A policeman who apprehended the Egyptian said that the latter “claimed during questioning that he mistakenly touched the house cleaner.”

The hearing resumes on July 8. GAD/Expat Media


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