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2 accused of killing man in Sharjah over Umrah visa


DUBAI – Two Asian men are in court for allegedly killing another Asian man after he paid them money for a purported Umrah visa for his mother.

The hearing of the 2016 murder case started this week, and the court heard that the duo hit the victim on the head and stabbed him multiple times before burying his body in Sharjah’s Siouh desert area.

According to records, the victim paid the duo money for his mother’s tourist visa so she could go on an Umrah pilgrimage. He was told that the visa was ready at the airport. There, he found out that the duo duped him.

He reportedly confronted the duo and an altercation ensued that quickly turned deadly after the duo attacked him.

When he failed to return home later, his wife alerted the police and an investigation team was formed.

The victim’s body was later found near Industrial Area 6. Police were later able to arrest the two suspects, who confessed to killing the man.

The hearing resumes in July. GAD/Expat Media


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