Sultan Sabha was reported missing on April 15.


Diver missing in Fujairah waters, family seeks answers


DUBAI – A 40-year-old Jordanian man who went missing off the coast of Fujairah two months ago has yet to be found.

Sultan Sabha was reported missing on April 15 after diving in Fujairah. His camera was discovered at the site three weeks ago.

Sabha’s family is urging authorities for more information about the incident and believe that he is still alive.

The Sharjah Police has not commented on the case.

According to initial investigation, Sabha dove into an 110m-deep submarine wreck about 46 kilometres off the coast of Fujairah.

Diving experts said the dive was a difficult one, but his brother reasoned that Sabha is a certified technical diver with more than 22 years of experience.

The brother, Diaa, quoted investigation reports as saying that Sabha spent 18 minutes underwater before heading to the surface, but that he swam back to get his camera that got stuck in a rope on the way up.

Diaa said his family is hoping that authorities would give them more information after a group of divers found his brother’s camera at the wreckage stie and submitted it to police as evidence.

“We are all praying and hoping that he will return or even call to say that he is alright,” said Diaa. GAD/Expat Media


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