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‘Rigged’ award in Dubai asks company to pay $8,000 to win


DUBAI – A major retail company in the UAE has claimed that it was offered an award at a ceremony in Dubai for a fee of $8,000.

The company’s HR manager said that it had competed in two categories: best employer and best talent.

“But days before the award ceremony last week, the organisers called me and said our company would be assured a third place for best employer and would figure in the top five shortlist for managing talent if we paid up the said amount,” the HR manager told XPRESS.

He was reportedly told that two other companies have paid to be selected as first and second placers.

The manager said he refused to pay $8,000 and “sure enough our applications were rejected.”

He said it would be no surprise if those chosen in other categories paid their way to win or have contributed in sponsorships to get an advantage.

There have been several reports about “vanity awards” that prey on businesses desperate to build an image. Individuals are also targets. The organisers of these bogus awards reportedly set them up to favour sponsors, advertisers or to generate money.

Another expatriate also revealed to that she was selected for an individual award by a Dubai-based company without organisers asking for proof of her accomplishments or credentials. She turned it down.

“I was sceptical when they said I have been picked just like that. Sure enough, they later approached my company through me to ask for sponsorship,” she told DAJ/Expat Media


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