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Deadliest place to be in Dubai this Ramadan


DUBAI – This part of your home can be the most deadliest place to be this Ramadan and is often the place where the most deadliest fires start, the Dubai Civil Defence has warned.

Which place is it? Your kitchen, according to the Dubai Civil Defence.

The rush to cook before iftar can leave some people reckless or forgetful, the authority said.

“Fires in Ramadan mostly happen in kitchens because many people want to cook before iftar and forget that the oven is on or they have failed in doing timely maintenance of electric cables and gas pipes,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al Mutawa, Assistant General Manager for Smart Services at Dubai Civil Defence.

“People must be careful and make sure the ovens are turned off after cooking,” Al Mutawa added.

He also said cooking oil often spark fire at home, saying that it has been the cause of some fire incidents in Dubai.

He said that cooking oil fires should be put out with a damp blanket, not water as this only exacerbates the problem.

He said that in case of fires, people must switch off electricity and lock the doors and windows whenever posible to stop the fire from spreading. They must immediately evacuate the premises and call firefighters on 997. GAD/Expat Media


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