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Sharjah police rescue girl from suicide bid


SHARJAH – Sharjah police have rescued an Arab girl, 12, who threatened to jump off the balcony of her family’s apartment.

The girl was spotted standing on the balcony and screaming that she would jump, attracting a crowd at the base of the building in Al Dhaid.

Police said that the girl was alone in the apartment and had locked herself inside. Her mother and brother were out in anoher emirate while her father was on a medical trip outside the country.

A rescue team who responded to the emergency call coaxed her into abandoning her suicide plans.

Meanwhile, her neighbours had collected mattresses and soft materials and laid them on the pavement to cushion her fall in case she jumped off the balcony.

A team had opened the locked door while rescuers disracted the girl by talking to her. The team that managed to get inside the apartment then grabbed her and took her to safety.

The girl’s mother has been summoned to the Al Dhaid Police station to find out what caused the girl to attempt suicide. GAD/Expat Media


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