‘Fake cash prize’ gang arrested in Dubai


DUBAI – A 14-member Asian gang has been arrested in Dubai for sending scam text messages in the UAE, police said.

The Dubai Police said the fraudsters told victims that they had won huge cash prizes, and then convinced them to transfer money as a processing fee to claim the prize.

The gang members entered the UAE using visit visas, and their mastermind is a fluent Arabic speaker, said Colonel Omar Bin Hammad, director of anti-economic crimes department at Dubai Police.

Carrying out their modus operandi, the scammers would speak to the victim in English and later transfer the call to the mastermind who would talk to the victim in Arabic to make it appear that the call is legitimate.

Acting on a tip-off, police raided an apartment in Hor Al Anz where the scammers were caught in the act.

Police arrested them and seized 90 phones, large amounts of money and illegal local calling cards in their possession.


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