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Egyptian manager to be deported from Dubai for groping Filipina


DUBAI – A 29-year-old Egyptian manager has been jailed and will be deported for kissing and groping his Filipina co-worker.

According to court records, the Egyptian had asked the Filipina to stay in the office after working hours to discuss business issues.

The woman was in her colleague’s office to discuss office matters during the June 2016 incident when he started groping her.

“When he made me stay in the office after working hours, I suspected his intentions. I kept the voice recorder in my phone on to record our conversation,” the Filipina testified.

“Fifteen minutes after having discussed official issues with me, he moved towards me asked if I liked him. When he touched my face, I asked him not to do so but he did it again. He touched my neck and shoulders… then he unbuttoned my shirt and groped me. I cried and begged him to stop, but he didn’t listen to my pleas. He continued harassing me physically and also tried to kiss me, I pushed him away. He slapped me twice,” she testified.

In December, the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the Egyptian to three months in jail for molestation.

He appealed the judgment and asked for an acquittal. However, the court this week dismissed his appeal and upheld his three-month jail sentence.

He will be deported after serving his jail term. JHQ/Expat Media


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