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3-day ‘Super Sale’ in Dubai: Everything you need to know


DUBAI – Here’s another perfect excuse to spend your dirhams this weekend: A 3-day Super Sale is happening in Dubai!

Here’s everything you need to know about it

When is the Super Sale?

It’s happening from May 10 to 12

Which malls are having the sale?

All malls in Dubai will be offering discounts

How much discount are we expecting?

25 percent to 90 percent

How many retailers will be participating?

At least 1,000 shops will participate, from accessories to home appliances

Which brands are participating?

There will be 300 brands participating, from Aeropostale to Zwilling. Check out the full list here

Will there also be discounts on groceries?

Yes. Carrefour hypermarkets, LuLu Hypermarkets and LuLu Supermarkets are participating in the three-day sale.


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