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Australian wins appeal in case of assaulting Dubai policeman


DUBAI – An Australian man who assaulted a Dubai police officer after refusing to have his luggage searched has been given a shorter jail term after winning his appeal.

Citing grounds of leniency, judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm reduced the Aussie’s six-month jail term to three months but upheld a deportation order.

The Australian man was a passenger on a flight on transit in Dubai when a technical glitch forced the airline to delay the trip.

The Australian and other passengers were provided with a hotel stay near the Dubai International Airport.

When inspectors asked to search his luggage, the Australian refused and became rowdy, forcing them to seek airport police assistance.

Police then tried to convince the man to have his luggage searched but were refused. When a police officer tried to handcuff the passenger, the latter assaulted him.

The men fell on the ground from the ensuing melee, which also left the policeman injured.

“He was very angry and shouted loudly. When asked why he was refusing to be searched, he replied angrily because he had been on a very long flight and had been repeatedly searched,” the police officer testified. GAD/Expat Media


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