A still shot taken from CCTV footage of the crime as it unfolded.


3 jailed over Dh1.5 million gold heist in Dubai International City


DUBAI – Three Afghan men will be spending three years in jail after they lost their appeal in the case of committing a Dh1.5-million gold heist in Dubai.

The trio was part of a five-member masked gang who stormed into a jewellery store in International City and stole gold worth Dh1.5 million.

Armed with knives and pepper spray, four members forced their way into the jewellery shop at around noon while a fifth member served as a lookout in the getaway car.

The men threatened the employees and locked them up in the washroom while they broke into the store’s glass shelves to grab gold jewellery on display.

Police investigation led to the arrest of the trio, who were traced in Al Ain using their car’s plate number.

Part of the stolen gold jewellery was recovered from the suspects.

The five gang-members, including two gang members who remain at large, were found guilty of robbery and sentenced to jail in January.

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The trio appealed the verdict to seek a reduced punishment, but their appeal was rejected in last week’s ruling.

They will be deported after serving their jail terms. DAJ/Expat Media


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